Pool Service in Whitefish Bay

Pool Service in Whitefish Bay
Pool Service in Whitefish Bay is a job for professionals. New Wave Pools LLC has more than 50 years of combined experience in residential and commercial pool services, and we are now serving the Whitefish Bay area.

There are three levels of service as well as additional services to suit your level of participation in opening up your pool this spring.

Additional services available at the time of your swimming pool opening;
Vacuuming added to Opening $59.99
Clean mesh/safety cover $39.99
Free Chemical Delivery
Opening of Hot Tub/Water feature/ Negative edge $119.99
Auto-cover Maintenance $179.99
Sand Change in filter $199.99

Things to do before New Wave Pools LLC opens your swimming pool;
• Have gate unlocked
• Raise water to the top of the skimmer faceplate for vacuuming purposes
• Have a garden hose hooked up and the water turned on to the spigot
• Have the breaker turned on inside the house for the equipment
• Have any chemicals from last year out by the swimming pool (Chlorine Tablets, Algaecide, Clarifier, Metal Free, Bags of Salt, etc.)
• Have your skimmer baskets, backwash hose, handrails, bag for winter cover, and ladders out by the swimming pool

At the opening of your swimming pool New Wave Pools LLC will;
• Remove the winter cover and put it in the bag, remove winterizing plugs, and lower deck anchors
• Install the light, handrails, ladders, skimmer baskets, and add the initial dosage of chemicals to the swimming pool
• Install plugs in equipment, attach backwash hose, prime pump, and flush antifreeze to waste
• Test fire heater, fix minor leaks on equipment (major leak repairs are subject to an additional charge), and backwash filter
• If requested, vacuum pool to waste and broom towards main drain (A second touch up vacuuming may be needed)

Pool Service in Whitefish Bay

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