Vinyl Liner Replacement

Vinyl Liner Replacement



New Wave Pools LLC provides complimentary vinyl liner replacement estimates for in-ground swimming pool owners, this allows customers to plan and budget for when it is time to replace the liner. New Wave Pools LLC uses multiple liner manufacturers to provide our customers with a large selection of patterns and designs. The process for replacing the vinyl liner is strategic, as such this process should only be completed by a professional with many years of experience in vinyl liner replacements. New Wave Pools LLC will exceed your expectations in the process of planning and installing your next vinyl liner.


The process of replacing a vinyl liner includes the following.

  • The swimming pool owner schedules a time for New Wave Pools LLC to get the length and width of the swimming pool, the pattern of your choice, the manufacturer, and the mil (thickness). This allows New Wave Pools LLC to get an accurate idea on the type of swimming pool and the amount of work that is needed to install the new vinyl liner
  • New Wave Pools LLC will email or mail you an estimate for the vinyl liner replacement
  • Once New Wave Pools LLC receives the down payment (75%) and the signed contract, we will take the final measurements of the swimming pool and place the order for the vinyl liner. (Manufacturing and shipping of the vinyl liner can take up to 2 weeks)
  • New Wave Pools LLC will schedule a day to install the vinyl liner, weather permitting
  • New Wave Pools LLC removes the old vinyl liner, skimmer plates, return plates, light, light ring, main drain plates, the step trim, and gaskets
  • New Wave Pools LLC scrapes and grinds walls for rust or calcium build up, rust spots will be covered with a cold galvanized compound
  • New Wave Pools LLC patches holes and damaged areas in the bottom of the swimming pool
  • New Wave Pools LLC installs the new vinyl liner and uses vacuums to secure the vinyl liner in place
  • New Wave Pools LLC puts on step trim and main drain plates along with new gaskets
  • New Wave Pools LLC will start the garden hose to begin filling the swimming pool with water
  • The swimming pool owner continues to fill the water in the swimming pool until there is approximately 1 foot in the SHALLOW END
  • The swimming pool owner informs New Wave Pools LLC that the water is up to the 1 foot level in the shallow end
  • New Wave Pools LLC removes vacuums, installs all faceplates, rope hooks, light and light ring (At this time the Final Payment of 25% is due)
  • The swimming pool owner finishes filling the swimming pool with water to the middle of the skimmer faceplate or normal operating level and starts equipment
  • The swimming pool owner adds chemicals (Stabilizer, Chlorine, Algaecide, and Metal Free)
  • The swimming pool owner will start adjusting pH, Total Alkalinity, and Stabilizer (CYA) to suggested level (Tap water can contain metals and high Total Alkalinity PPM levels so adjust accordingly)

*Opening or closing of the swimming pool is also included in the cost of liner replacement.

*New Wave Pools LLC only installs in-ground vinyl liners and does not install above ground liners.

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