New Wave Pools LLC provides complimentary commercial opening, filter media replacement, and daily maintenance estimates

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The award winning, Certified Service Technicians at New Wave Pools LLC will assist in making sure your commercial property is VGB compliant, and will act as a liaison during an inspection, if needed, ensuring that your property’s VGB and ADA compliance documentation is accurate.

Commercial spring swimming pool services provided;

• Remove Cover and Lower Anchors
• Drain the Water and Chemically Clean Surface
• Install Ladders, Lights, and Handrails
• Install Return Fittings, Skimmer Baskets, Floats, Equipment Plugs, Equalizers, and Main Drains
• Return Trip to get the Swimming Pool Equipment Operating (After the Water is Filled to Operating Level)
• Check for Leaks on Equipment
• Get Chemical Controllers Operating
• Add Initial Chemical Treatment of Water

Changing the filter media (sand) in filters is recommended before opening the swimming pool for the season, to ensure that there is no downtime during the season. Filter media replacement is recommended every three years.
Commercial Spring Swimming Pool Service