Residential Swimming Pool Maintenance

New Wave Pools LLC provides residential pool maintenance services daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. Our award winning, Certified Maintenance Specialists, Professional Pool and Spa Operators and Certified Pool Operators understand how busy life can be and look forward to maintaining your backyard oasis.

Residential swimming pool maintenance includes;

• Testing and Adjusting Water Chemistry
• Vacuuming as Needed
• Brushing the Walls, Tile Line, and the Bottom as Needed
• Skimming the Water Surface of the Pool
• Backwashing the Filter as Needed
• Refilling the Chlorinator
• Removing Large Debris from Pump, Skimmers, and the Bottom
• Visually Inspecting All Components
• Chemical Delivery

Residential swimming pool maintenance customers with valid contracts also receive complimentary service calls and return trips for repairs, when repairs are completed during a scheduled maintenance appointment.

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