Commercial Maintenance


New Wave Pools LLC provides daily maintenance for commercial bodies of water in the Madison Area. Our award winning Certified Pool Operators, Professional Pool and Spa Operators, Certified Maintenance Specialists, and Certified Service Technicians will assist in making sure your commercial property is safe and compliant.

Commercial maintenance includes the following.

*Requires a signed daily contract for the season.

  • Blow off deck area
  • Straighten furniture
  • Visually inspect all bodies of water
  • Visually inspect all equipment for correct flow, pressure, and water temperature
  • Backwash filters
  • Empty skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump baskets
  • Test and adjust water chemistry
  • Brush surfaces of all bodies of water
  • Remove large debris and vacuum as needed
  • Refills chemicals containers as needed
  • Provide and complete daily log reports
  • Drain and refill all bodies of water as needed (Additional fees will apply)

*Commercial maintenance customers get complimentary priority service calls to complete repairs.

*Commercial maintenance customers receive discounts on opening and closing services.

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