Once your spring pool service is complete, take these steps to assure your pool is safe and comfortable to use.

• Raise water level and vacuum pool to waste to remove heavy debris and vacuum to filter if there is light debris, backwashing afterwards

• Broom the pool frequently towards the bottom drain, to keep smaller debris suspended which allows the filter to remove the debris

• Backwash the filter once you see an 8-10 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) increase on the pressure gauge which is located on the filter. Do not backwash before the pressure raises 8-10 PSI. A partially dirty filter will help to remove fine particles in the water that cause cloudiness.

• When backwashing; allow filter to backwash until you see the water in the sight glass or at the end of the backwash hose is clear and not cloudy (2 min)

• The pool pump should run 24 hours a day and at the highest speed setting that the pool pump offers to speed up the cleaning process. Continue this process until the pool water is clear enough to see the face on a quarter on the bottom of the pool. Once the water is clear the motor can be ramped down and the timers turned on.

• If the water in the pool does not start to clear up in a couple of days, schedule a sand change to have the sand in the filter replaced. (Recommended every 3 years)

• It is important to broom the pool and keep a chlorine level of 1 to 2 PPM (Parts per Million) to stop further algae growth.

• Never trust tested water with a chlorine level above 3 PPM, the water sample can give false reading due to bleached out readings.

• Once the pool is clean, and the chlorine level is adjusted to 1-2 PPM, then start adjusting the TA and PH levels. Starting with the TA, then adjusting the PH. Check stabilizer levels and add as needed. Chlorine generated pools (salt) are recommended to have a higher stabilizer PPM, see manufacturers instruction book for recommendations

• Salt should not be added to the pool until water temperatures are above 65 degrees. The controller will give a false low salt reading until the water reaches 65 degrees.

• Automatic pool cleaners should not be used for the initial cleaning of the pool, and should not be used in water below 65 degrees. The hoses are not as flexible in cold water, which will cause the cleaner to malfunction.

• If you have an auto-cover it is important to leave the cover open for 1 or 2 hours after adding chemicals to the pool

• If you have an auto-cover you must keep the cover pump on the cover at all times, when the pool is not in use. The cover pump removes water and relieves stress on the cover material and tracks. If you fail to do so, the manufacturer’s warranty maybe voided.

• If you have a mesh winter cover, leave it outside in the sun to dry for at least 2 days. Then store the mesh winter cover in a dry place. We recommend putting winter plugs inside the cover bag with the cover, for storage.

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