Residential Swimming Pool Maintenance

New Wave Pools LLC provides residential pool maintenance services daily, weekly, or bi-weekly. Our award winning, Certified Maintenance Specialists and Certified Pool Operators understand how busy life can be and look forward to maintaining your backyard oasis.

Residential swimming pool maintenance includes;

• Testing and Adjusting Water Chemistry
• Vacuuming as Needed
• Brushing the Walls, Tile Line, and the Bottom as Needed
• Skimming the Water Surface of the Pool
• Backwashing the Filter as Needed
• Refilling the Chlorinator
• Removing Large Debris from Pump, Skimmers, and the Bottom
• Visually Inspecting All Components
• Chemical Delivery

Residential swimming pool maintenance customers with valid contracts (Sample contract) also receive complimentary service calls and return trips for repairs, when repairs are completed during a scheduled maintenance appointment.

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